Cloud Burst Advisory


Adam Martin,
An Appeal To Dirt

CloudBurst H.Q.
October 15th - November 15th.

Press Release

"and rabbits will always need tricks." ‘said Buckthorn,
"No," said a new voice from the further end of the hall, beyond Cowslip. "Rabbits need dignity and, above all, the will to accept their fate." (16.11-2)’
-Watership Down

Imagine A trap. What does it look like? How does it work? The trick to it is that you only ever see it once. 

But Now imagine it as it appears across every stage of life, again and again. Because there ARE a million in its likeness. Whatever your personal hell, your trauma What you think you own is hidden inside each and every pocket of the popular conscience. And what truly does belong to you, you might never find. 

War. It's a condition. A state of being. A monopoly on infinity basically. There's nothing other than it. Taking war as a basic context, themes of deceit self-destruction and trauma are positioned in a narrative.

An Appeal to Dirt is a collection of new work by Adam Martin for his first solo exhibition. Drawing from personal experience and observation, he cycles through iterations of the ‘trap’ as it appears across various cultural stages and pockets of the popular conscious. Against the backdrop of a fictional war, themes of deceit self-destruction and trauma are the driving forces of a narrative populated with existing and often familiar characters.